Yacov Tal Toledano

Toledanos owe a debt of gratitude to Yacov Tal Toledano for carefully researching the genealogy and history of the Toledano Family. His passion for our past is his gift to all Toledanos today and in the future.

Yacov, better known as Toli, was born in Jerusalem 1932. He completed his early schooling in Jerusalem and progressed to Tel Aviv for college. He continued his studies in Flight Engineering with the French Air Force and Aircraft Accident Investigation with the USA Navy.

Toli served in the Israeli Air Force from 1950 to 1975 as a Flight Engineer and a Technical Officer. He retired as a major. He continued as an adviser to the Panamanian Air Force and to the Israel Civil Aviation Administration.

Toli retired in 1999, but thankfully only from aircraft and air forces. He has been researching Toledano Families worldwide since 1982 and a member of the Israel Genealogical Society since 1999. He has managed to publish two books. Both are written in Hebrew and they inform us about the Toledano Families. The first is "The Descendants of Daniel Toledano". The second is "Toledano Families" or in Hebrew ."Mishpehot Toledano". Toli has also published articles in Hebrew and English about Toledanos in "Shasheret Hadorot" and the Journal of Jewish Genealogy.

Yacov is married to Brigitte Rakovitz. He is the father of three children and the grandfather of eight.

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    Ted first corresponded with Toli while researching his branch of the Toledano family. "I had purchased The Descendants of Daniel Toledano but could find no one to translate for me. In frustration I emailed Toli. He responded positively in less than 24 hours."

    Now, one hundred and eighty years after their ancestors colaborated in publishing a book in Livorno, Toli and Ted have decided to colaborate on this website to bring all the known Toledano information to all are interested. (See Who were the brothers...? article.)

    The site is dedicated to accuracy. If you have an addition or find an error please let us know. We are most interested in making the correction.

    Ted Callaghan

    Toli & Ted meet in July 2011

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