Yacov Tal Toledano, 29 October 2010

Countless Toledanos and relatives have helped me with encouragement, information and ideas in the research and preparation of this material. I would like to especially thank:

Adel Mamman (Toledano) of Tiberias for the branch of Rabbi Judah Toledano(1848-1924)

Rabbi Raphael Toledano z"l of Haifa for the branch of Rabbi Joseph Toledano (1849-1920)

Cesar Alberto Toledano of Lima, and Jose Toledano of São Paulo for the branch of the family in Iquitos, Peru

Esther Toledano of Kiryat Yam for the Rabbi Abraham Toledano branch (1890-1949, Meknes)

Guillermo Martin Toledano of Buenos Aires for the branch of Moshe Toledano

Hadassa Mor (Ben Kiki) for the Pinhas Toledano branch (1874-1947 Tiberias)

Jeannette Gilbert (Toledano) for the Rabbi Barukh Toledano branch (1842-1905 Tiberias)

John Edward (Ted) Callaghan of Florida, for the Giuseppe Toledano branch (1765-2010 Leghorn)

Nissim Dahan z"l of Tel Aviv and Meir Kubi of Tiberias for the Jamila Toledano branch (1893-1942 Tiberias)

Raphael Cohen of Montreal, Canada for his contributions and corrections with Toledanos in Meknes, Canada, France and Israel. Raphael has done extensive research into the genealogy of Toledanos.

Shlomi Antebi z"l of Kibbutz Ayelet Hashakhar for the Meir Toledano branch (1895-1929)

Sarah Gottesman of New York for the Rabbi Joseph Toledano branch(1812-1888 Tangier)

Shema'ya Toledano from Ne'ot Hakikar for the branch of Meir Toledano (1890-1987)

Victoria Tourgeman (Kubi) z"l for the branch of Hannah Toledano (1889-1912)

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