Colombo Angelo and Eliza Circa 1918 - Manchester

Circa 1910 - Manchester

Standing: Rosie, Amadeo Simeone, Mary, Stella.

Seated: Ezio, Colombo Angelo, Elisa, Teofilo Toledano, Palmyra Levy

Circa 1920 - Manchester

Standing: Minnie Wolf, Ezio Toledano, Ada Toledano, Mary Toledano

Middle Row: Palmyra Levy, Ersilia Levy, Colombo Angelo Toledano, Eliza Levy, Sophie Agnes Levy

Children: Lina Inez Toledano, Stella Noemi Toledano, Aldo Colombo Raffaello Toledano

Circa 1952 - Manchester

Standing: Samuel Wolff, Maurice Levy, Aldo Toledano,Beatrice Toledano,

Henry Skolnick, Minnie Wolff, Philip Toledano, Evelyn Wolff, Ezio Toledano,

Yolanda Toledano, Margaret Toledano

Seated: Louise Wolff, Mary Toledano, Ellen Simon Wolff

Title page of Portuguese grammar book authored by Colombo Angelo

and Amadeo, published in England.

On left, a page from a notebook with Portuguese / Hebrew.

1911 - Manchester

Back: Palmyra, Ada, Nona Ersilia, Sophie, Stella, Bertie, Mary, Ezio.

Seated: Colombo Angelo, Maurice Levy, Rosie, Elisa

Nina & Albert Levy, Ersilia Toledano C. 1925 - Sao Paulo