Hayyim Toledano is the father of Yacov Tal Toledano, our family researcher. Hayyim fell defending Jerusalem in the War of Independance. On June 6, 1948 the Egyptian army was very close to Kibbutz Ramat Rachel, just south of Jerusalem. Hayyim Toledano was on his way to his post at the kibbutz. He was hit by during the intense shelling and injured. He died later in Bikour Holim hospital without having the chance to see his family. He was buried in the provisional Givat Ram Cemetery. Two years later along with 200 of his comrades he was transferred to the Har Hertzel Military Cemetery in Jerusalem. He was 44 years of age.

Toledanos owe a debt of gratitude to Yacov Tal Toledano for carefully researching the genealogy and history of the Toledano Family. Hayyim Toledano, Yacov's father, prepared this document of the descendantes of his grandfather, Shlomo Toledano. His reason was to help direct the equitable distribution of the inheritance. The document was the seed that developed into this giant Toledano Family Tree. Yacov's passion for our past is his gift to all Toledanos today and in the future.

Document of the descendants of Shlomo Toledano prepared by Hayyim Toledano to guide the inheritance of the property in Tiberias. This document was the spark that drove Yacov Tal Toledano to start his research of Toledanos.