Growing the Tree of the Descendantes of Daniel Toledano

by Ted Callaghan

While researching the inheritance of a family home in Tiberias Yacov Tal Toledano discovered the seed of what has grown into the “Descendantes of Daniel Toledano”. The house had been the home of his great-grandfather, Rabbi Shlomo Toledano, who lived from 1835 to 1877. Rabbi Shlomo had been the Rabbi and Dayan in Tiberias. He had acquired the house in the middle of the 19th century.

Among the legal papers, a list of family members and relationships was found. Yacov’s father, Hayyim Toledano, had made a record of all the descendants of Shlomo Toledano. This roadmap to his past ignited Yacov's curiosity about the origins and history of the family. After several trips to the library, Yacov was able to find a family tree of Toledanos in the Encyclopedia Judaica. His great-grandfather was listed in that tree! It was the tree of Daniel Toledano, son of Joseph.

These discoveries started a passion that has fascinated him for decades. In 1991, during a family reunion at the Diaspora Museum in Tel Aviv he met many family members. A few had brought family ketubot (marriage contracts) and other family documents. This information served to expand the Tree of Daniel and fill some of the gaps.

After Toli’s retirement in 1999 he was able to dedicate more time to research. He spent countless hours in the Bar Ilan University library. His focus was extracting information about the Toledano family from Rabbinic books. This scholarly tradition of documenting ideas and family matters provided a wealth of information.

Read about information contribution from relatives.

The publication of “The Descendants of Daniel Toledano” and the Toledano Families website that his daughter created brought an explosion of information from distant family members all over the world. At this writing the list of descendants of Daniel ben Joseph has grown to more than 4,700 names.

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