The Eretz-Israel Branch of the Family

by Ya’acov Tal Toledano

Many members of the family moved from Meknes to Tiberias, Israel. Among them were the brothers Solomon and Judah, sons of Rabbi Jacob Toledano. Solomon was 23 when he arrived in Tiberias in 1858, while his brother arrived four years later at the age of 14. Solomon was appointed to the rabbinical court of Tiberias where he fought for the rights of those who arrived from his city of Meknes. He worked to ensure that funds intended to support Jews affected by the Diaspora to settle in Eretz Israel were allocated equitably. In 1876 he left Tiberias, along with Rabbi Judah Berdugo, to become an emissary to the cities of Morocco. Rabbi Solomon Toledano died while on his way to this appointment. He was buried in the city of Taza. His younger brother Judah was appointed rabbi and emissary in Tiberias. Judah later led the Sephardic community in Tiberias.

Rabbi Solomon and Rabbi Judah would contribute to Israel's future in a more solemn way. Rabbi Solomon's grandson, Hayyim, fell defending Jerusalem on June 6, 1948 in the War of Independence and Rabbi Judah's grandson, Judah fell in the battle for Ashdod on June 3, 1948. Within a span of three days each of the brothers suffered the death of a grandson in the War of Independence.

The descendants of Rabbis Solomon and Judah contributed greatly to the freedom and building of Eretz Israel. They include:

Rabbi Solomon ben Jacob and his brother Rabbi Judah were Emissaries to Morocco.

R. Solomon, R. Judah and his two sons, Jacob Moses (Rima"t) and Barukh, were Rabbis who organized the community at the time of the expulsion during World War I.

Jacob Moses and his brother Barukh concerned themselves with the repatriation of the expelled community.

Rabbi Jacob Moses served as the Minister of Religious Affairs in the Ben-Gurion government.

Samuel ben Barukh was the advisor to the Prime Minister on Arab Affairs (1965-1976) and a member of the Knesset, representing the Shinui Party, (1977-1981).


Rabbi Solomon, his brother Rabbi Judah and the two sons of Rabbi Judah as well as Rabbi Jacob Moshe and his brother Rabbi Barukh were involved in the construction of city of Tiberias.

Defense - In the defense of the State of Israel - Samuel ben Barukh was in the leadership of the Mossad; and two of the family members fell in the War of Independence

Hayyim, son of Jacob Toledano, fell defending Jerusalem on June 6, 1948 in the War of Independence.

- Judah, the son Rabbi Barukh, fell in the battle of Ashdod on June 3, 1948.

Samuel ben Barukh was among the leaders of the secret Aliya from Morocco.

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