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Welcome to the Toledano Family website! Explore your past and celebrate the present.

At this site you will be able to explore Toledano Family history. You can learn about your past as you trace your ancestors’ migrations from Spain to Greece to Morocco and from there to all parts of the world.

You will be able to find yourself and your family in the Toledano Family Tree and its many branches. There are 4,700 names. Mouse-over names in the Family Tree to learn about your ancestors in a more personal sense. Discover anecdotes about those who have gone before as names become people who suffered or smiled through history.

The Toledano history and Toledano Family Trees have been assembled from many family sources. If you have information to share that will expand the family history it is most welcome.

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Site last updated on December 31, 2011

"Look to the rock from which you were cut and the quarry from which you were hewn."

Isaiah 51